Have Your Joy

The joy at Center 4 Joy is, of course, that around which Life is built, made, and lived. Yours is there even if you’ve not noticed or felt it for a while, ignored it or had it squashed, pushed it under or aside to survive this or that, feared it had disappeared, or decided it was all balderdash from the beginning.

It wasn’t.

Together we’re going to explore, play with, notice and enjoy joy…along with some of her family members – Hint: like hope, gratitude, community, peacemaking and others.

Though    our classes aren’t quite ready yet, here’s permission in writing to begin (write this on a clean on both sides piece of paper…this isn’t the time for using used paper):

I (write your name in color crayon or colored ink unless it means more to you to be in  ink), hereby accept permission from Center 4 Joy and the Universe and That Which created It, to have my joy.